Who Are We?

Who is “Ambry”?

My husband and I have two beautiful daughters, Amanda and Bryana. Combining their names gave us Ambry.

Why are we here?

My family has always rescued animals. At this moment, we have three dogs and three cats, all of which found us. Funny thing about rescues; they seem grateful and graciously welcome their fellow brothers and sisters into the fold. We have never had a problem with personality or species conflicts. I started collecting things (and not anything in particular) because I became saddened, thinking that no one wanted them anymore. I picked them up, cleaned them off, and repaired them if I could. As I continued to rescue items, our home became overrun. I then opened an antique and vintage booth at a local store and found a lot of joy in providing these treasures with their “forever homes.” Several years later, our store, Ambry’s Attic, was opened on March 5, 2019, in Blairsville, Georgia.

What can we do for you?

Every item is thoroughly inspected and researched. Tags are large so that we can provide this information to you. Some even include QR codes with even more research. We provide a pleasant environment for your shopping experience. We keep a running “wish list” for customers on quests for hard-to-find design elements. If we know of a resource for your search for the perfect fit, we will happily provide to you!